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Information Letter - September 2020

Dear parents / guardians INFORMATION LETTER 09/2020 Re-Registration 2021 Please remember the cut-off date for re-registrations to be paid is 31 August. If no payment or arrangement has been made, this might lead to your child not having space for the year 2021. Please use one of the following methods to inform the school of your child that WILL or WILL NOT return to school in the year 2021. Educator on the WhatsApp group E-mail to one of the following e-mail addresses – OR School Fees Thank you for your school fees payment.…

Information Letter - August 2020

Dear parents / guardians INFORMATION LETTER 08/2020 Child Not Returned to School during July If your child has not returned to school yet, please take note of the following: All parents HAVE TO inform the school of why your child has not returned to school yet! A meeting has to be arranged with Miss J. Kruger with this regard. If you as parent does not inform the school, we will not know where your child is or whether he/she will be returning to Vaal Triangle Primary in the year 2020 and this might lead to a result of us not adding your child to the re-registration list. Educators also continue…

Information Letter - July 2020

Dear parents / guardians INFORMATION LETTER 07/2020 Announcement Something BIG is coming – 24 July. We are so excited and to join in the excitement – a competition will be announced soon, so…watch this space!!  Civvies Week Everyone at school will dress in the colour mentioned on the days below. Therefore, please see when your child has to come to school and send him / her in the different colours!!!! If your child doesn’t have the colour, please do not go and buy. Let them wear a similar colour.  Monday – Green    Tuesday – Gold    Wednesday – Red        Thursday –…

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